One of the key frameworks supported by Spend Optics is the Technology Business Management or TBM framework. By implementing our partners proprietary SaaS software, using TBM framework principles, you can be assured of a clear methodology for evaluating and managing IT and having the toolset to move the office of CIO from an expense center to business driver.

Reveal true costs and consumption of services, projects, infrastructure, apps and more.
Measure TCO, enabling tackling of technical debt and other often-hidden costs. Create productive conversations using a common language between IT, Finance, and Business Units


  • Unlock cost optimization opportunities in your business and save costs.
  • Align resources and effort on the products and services that drive the most value.
  • Maximize the value from your technology investments.
  • Provide the agility required to transform your business to exploit innovation and new opportunities.


Struggles to defend the true cost of IT and measure IT asset utilization

  • Clearly understand IT spend and total cost of ownership
  • Make fact-based decisions
  • Find opportunities to simplify, optimize, standardize, centralize, automate or renegotiate IT products, services or vendors


Experiences difficulty in understand and allocating complex IT costs

  • Understand and manage the total cost of ownership (TCO) of IT products and services
  • Create accurate budgets & forecasts that are easy to explain
  •  Help identify short term cost reduction opportunities
  •  Spend more time on data analysis and less time on data preparation
  •  Easily explain variations to stakeholders


Has an incomplete view of the allocated IT costs.

  • Have the transparency to make smart decisions concerning the use of IT
  • Stop inefficient usage of IT
  • Receive a true profit margin for delivering services and products to market
  • Understand how IT investment aligns with business strategy


  • What is the true cost of delivering IT services to the business?
  • How much IT spend is on innovation versus operational?
  • Are existing IT investments being used efficiently?
  • Are existing IT investments being used efficiently?


  •  Across which products and services is spend spread?
  • How does spending on specific shared service resources compare with what was budgeted?
  • Which areas within shared services are attracting too much or too little investment?


  • How does the usage of shared services within the business affect the profit margin?
  • Are shared services being used efficiently?
  •  What is the true cost of each revenue generating business unit?